Linley and Lynn met via the online social networking site, Twitter in 2011.  Both were big supporters of Daniel during post-production fundraising for 'Broken Kingdom' and soon their paths crossed.

Eventually an online shop (Monsterettes at Cafe Press) was created to assist in funding for 'Broken Kingdom'.  

In late 2012 'Daniel Gillies Online' (the only English speaking 'Daniel Gillies' site at the time) was taken off the web.  Kelly from 'Daniel Gillies Online' kindly gifted the domain names over to 'Daniel Gillies Network'.

In early 2013 'Daniel Gillies Network' was launched and very soon a Twitter account (@DGilliesNetwork) followed.  In early 2015, the site was re-built on the platform you see today.

'Daniel Gillies Network' would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to Ruthie Heard (@tvdfansonline) for assisting in spreading the word about our Twitter account.  Thank you also to Nazan (@jmfancom) for designing the beautiful opening page.  And last but not least, Daniel - You continue to be inspiring, entertaining and insightful.  Thank you for being you.


Linley Barrett
Site Owner/Administrator

I live in the small rural village of Wakefield, located south of Nelson City, New Zealand, with my partner and large collection of animals.  My interests are..  Photography (I try).  Coffee (Blonde with two legs, make it strong please).  Dog Agility (which qualifies as exercise but only for roughly 30 seconds at a time, which is achievable).  Daniel Gillies obviously (which is probably why you find me here).  

Lynn Godwin
Site Owner / Administrator

I live in Gonzales, Louisiana (one hour from the amazing city of New Orleans (where The Originals is set), with my teenage son.  I enjoy... Travel (that I can't afford to do anymore). Photography (but Linley's way better than me). Reading (but I never have time to do it). Eating (but I really need to lose weight). Watching TV (I AM good at that!).  And of course I enjoy supporting everything to do with Daniel Gillies.