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A Bit of History

Back in 2011 Daniel was looking for post-production funding for his directional debut film, Broken Kingdom.  Of course we were huge supporters and wanted to help.  There was only so much of our own funds that we could contribute, so we set up an online shop to raise additional funds under a combined persona.  By the time Interactor concluded we managed to donate a reasonable amount to post-production.  Since then, funds have been donated to Joseph Morgan’s ‘Positive Women’, ‘Team Isaias’ (set up by Daniel and Rachael), Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and most recently ‘Save Baby Elephants’.  In the past we have held competition give-aways of signed ‘Daniel Gillies’ autographs and money earned via our shop has gone towards postage to the winner.  In addition to that, any money earned pays for our site and domain names.  We are not paid anything to run this site, and we don’t want to be.  We just love doing it.

Our Shop

So here is a little introduction to our shop.  Please note that the shop has been around a while and there is a lot of ‘Vampire Diaries’ related merchandise.  So if you want a little trip down memory lane, you’ll probably get one.  Check out some of pictures below of people with no heads, but they're wearing nice shirts!

A wide range of t-shirts with various designs


..pajamas and buttons.., shot glasses and for the kids (big and small) teddy bears!


Okay, so you get the picture.  So hit our little monster icon below and come and give us visit.  We'd love to have you. Xx