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ItaCon 3D, Rome, Italy - 19th-21st June.

Paul Wesley Instagram: Italy w/my girl

Paul Wesley Instagram: Italy w/my girl

Another crazy weekend by the looks of things for Daniel.  This time Rome, Italy!  So many amazing photos and updates on Twitter.  Thank you to everyone for sharing!  Special thank you @fantasyeventsit (Twitter) and @Con_Diaries for all the wonderful tweets and/or photos.

Um.. lost something Daniel?  Photo by Fantasy Events

Um.. lost something Daniel?  Photo by Fantasy Events


Check out our collection of events (again big thank you to @Con_Diaries) and various photos from the convention.  If you want more recaps on the actors' panels (including Daniel's), head on over to TV After Dark for more goodies.

But first, here is an adorable (post-convention) video posted by Fantasy Events on their Facebook page.

LBItaCon3D : Depression modalità ON ?

LBItaCon3D : Depression modalità ON ?Vimeo link HD :

Posted by FantasyEvents on Monday, 22 June 2015

Photo by Fantasy Events

Photo by Fantasy Events


Paul: I cry over women all the time and by women I mean Daniel.

Paul and Daniel's first date was at burger king. Paul heard that Daniel was very easy.
Daniel: On my first date with Paul he took me to Burger King, Paul is cheap!
Daniel: I was working at Planet Hollywood and Paul came in and gave me one of the biggest tips I ever made.
Paul: If it was my last day I would be in a penthouse suite at the Ergife...and I'd do whatever makes Daniel happy.

Photo by Fantasy Events

Photo by Fantasy Events

When asked if he had similarities with his character..
Daniel: Both myself and Elijah look alike

Paul: Daniel, I'm so happy to be doing this Q& A with you!

Paul: When Phoebe comes home I ask her if she kissed Daniel. I make her brush her teeth if she kissed Daniel.

Daniel: Italian women are so gorgeous and they dress so well.

Paul: sexually we have done everything (about Daniel).

Daniel was surprised to hear he contributed to spicing up the sexual life of a fan couple here.

Daniel: Paul has nice finger nails.

What would you do if you met your characters?
Daniel: It would be a double date!


Daniel went and sat in the audience to watch the panel. ;)

Daniel: Sharman is great, he's beautiful!

Claire: All my brothers and sisters on the show are awesome but Daniel is my favourite.

Favorite show with both of them is 'The Office' (British version).


Daniel: We miss Claire! This is the first time we've seen each other in a while. I love her!
Claire: Daniel pulls pranks on other people, but he spares me.

I have..
Daniel: I don't believe in ghosts, but in more than one occasion I have seen some.. The ghost of Ian is everywhere.

I have never..
Daniel/Claire: ..been to a nudist beach.

Later at a Paul Wesley panel..
(A piano is playing in the background) Paul: Daniel is playing the piano naked.

Photos of Daniel at his 'Meet & Greet' by Fantasy Events.

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