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BloodyNightCon Europe 3
30 and 31 May 2015

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Another guest at the event was the sexy Daniel Gillies (Elijah from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals), who pleased his fans with his charming smile and friendly behavior on stage.  When asked to describe with three words the last season of The Originals, Daniel answered without even thinking (firmly and confidently as his character Elijah would do), "Exhaustion, Betrayal and Treachery."

He shared with the audience how much he missed his children, especially his newborn son, who is only eight weeks old.  He also has a daughter who is a year and a half old.  It was very sweet while he explained the special moments they have when he puts her to sleep each night.

Besides being a wonderful actor, Daniel Gillies was the producer and the main character in the movie ‘Broken Kingdom’.  The film was highly awarded at many international film festivals, and is something for him to be really proud of because it was made exclusively with its own funds.

The audience fell into ecstasy when he said the cult name "Katarina" in a way that only HE can, with its unique accent.  When a fan asked him if he thinks he really looks like Elijah, Daniel replied, "Yes ... yes, I think so."
When asked to indicate one vampire ability that he would choose to have in real life if he could, Daniel stopped on the infinite knowledge of the ancient vampires and the ability to transform into a bird and fly as Ian / Damon / did in the first season of "The Vampire Diaries."
When someone asked what he would choose – Strength, Power, Loyalty or Family, without thinking he replied that both his character Elijah and he would choose family always first.

In ‘The Originals’, Elijah was characterized by Nicklaus as a “good brother and sentimental fool” – when being asked what Daniel would prefer to be, he replied that for his family, if necessary, will be in the role of a sentimental fool and would be happy if one day on his tombstone it is written 'good brother and sentimental fool'.

Thank you to the lovely Mararita Ivanova for translating from Bulgarian to English.
Please note: further edits that have not impacted on the article -by ‘Daniel Gillies Network’

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