Daniel Gillies on Instagram

We are in the grips of yet another painstaking 'The Originals' hiatus.  But.. thankfully something has been keeping us amused..

If you've been napping under a rock, or perhaps in a near-death induced coma, you may not know that Daniel Gillies is now on Instagram.  And yes, it is actually him!  If the quirky sense of humour didn't confirm it to you, there's that clever little verified tick in the header.

Here's some highlights so far (plus a few recents).  

Daniel kicked off his account with this beautiful self-portrait.  Or selfie?  If it's a selfie, I don't think anyone can beat that.  It's the selfie to end all selfies.  We can close the internet and go home now, guys.

test 1

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If that didn't completely rock your world, we now have Daniel Gillies, with stars, and lights.  There's too much awesome in this image. The photos are by David Moretti, and Daniel will be releasing a T-Shirt soon with represent.com to support ACF (Daniel's favourite charity).  We can't wait!

Here's that wacky sense of humour coming through.  We love you, D!  Don't ever change.
Throwback Thursday.


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On-set shenanigans.  Hopefully no cars have been damaged lately.

birds of a feather.

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couple of coke-suckers. w - @therealjosephmorgan image courtesy of @phoebejtonkin.

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Philosophy and fun facts..

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conquer monday.

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I don't know how to categorize this.


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Small Gillies masterpiece.  

#305 cover art by charlotte gillies.

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If you're not following Daniel yet, I suggest you get on over there.  You're missing out on too much awesomeness.  You'll find Daniel on the username @mr.danielgillies.  He's the one with the little blue check!