INDIE FIX: Broken Kingdom and Kingdom Come

The Tech. Online Edition.
By Karleigh Moore

The harsh realities of independent filmmaking.

Broken Kingdom and Kingdom Come

Directed by Daniel Gillies (Broken Kingdom) and John Lyons Murphy and Paiman Kalayeh (Kingdom Come)

Starring Daniel Gillies, Rachael Leigh-Cook, and Seymour Cassel

Earlier this March, the independent film Broken Kingdom was released on iTunes. The film caught my eye because it was written and directed by one of my favorite actors, Daniel Gillies, who also stars in the film. The movie itself was fascinating — the story builds around two separate narratives, leaving the audience to wonder if these narratives connect. One follows a spiritually lost and self-loathing American writer and a poor teenage girl in the slums of Bogota, Colombia, while the other portrays the life of a Hollywood-based daycare teacher who suffers because she hides a tragic secret.

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