‘The Originals’ Season 3 Star Daniel Gillies On Working With Wife: ‘I’m Grateful’ Exclusive by Fashion & Style

Another wonderful interview added by Fashion & Style. 

Fashion & Style

"The Originals" star Daniel Gillies recently chatted with Fashion & Style balancing his career and being a father and a good husband to his wife. Check out our exclusive interview with this handsome, talented actor!

As a father and an actor, do you find it difficult to strike a balance between work and family life?

The short answer is yes, although I know that I am extraordinarily privileged to do what I do and that I am able to earn a decent living as an actor.

I am also grateful for all the love and gratification that I receive for "The Originals" because I know that kind of support for a television show is very rare.

The only downside to being both an actor and a father is the merciless scheduling and the distance from home.

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