‘The Originals’ Star Daniel Gillies Teases Season 3 Is ‘More Dangerous, Beautiful’ by Fashion & Style

Every now and then you get an interview that ticks many boxes for you.  This beautiful interview by Fashion & Style is one of them.

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(Photo : Getty Images/Monica Schipper) 

(Photo : Getty Images/Monica Schipper) 

The talented Daniel Gillies, who is is best known for playing Elijah Mikaelson on "The Originals," recently chatted with Fashion & Style about about what is in store for his character in season 3 of the hit CW series, what it is like being a father, and much more.

You starred in "The Vampire Diaries" before "The Originals." In what ways does "The Originals" differ from "TVD," even though it's a spinoff series?
In the beginning I thought there was very little difference, but we have finally found our own independence. Because of "the mothership," particularly at the outset, we were necessarily similar in tone and texture. Over time, we have found something that is more dangerous and tragically doomed.

My fondest memory from set so far is the day I was forced to leave for the birth of my daughter.
— Daniel Gillies

You will definitely see this change during the third season, which is without question our most resonantly individual season thus far. "The Originals" season three essentially becomes this race for power where no one emerges victorious. It's beautiful.

Viewers will watch these people, this family, drift from one another because they are being pulled downward by their own inexorable ruin. Even with all of their brilliance and power, we're watching them spectacularly disappear.

Basically, the third season focuses on an ancient species desperately fighting for the last of its dignity before it departs, like an ocean liner vanishing into the sea.

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