‘The Originals’ Daniel Gillies Exclusive: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Handsome Elijah. By Fashion & Style

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If you're a fan of "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals," then you'll instantly recognize Daniel Gillies, the actor behind the character of Elijah Mikaelson. The handsome actor had a chance to get "personal" during an exclusive interview with Fashion & Style, so check out our list of five things you didn't know about The CW star! 

5. He's A Fan Of "Rushmore"

"My favorite fictional hero is Max Fischer from the 1998 film 'Rushmore'," the actor told us.

4. He Admires Marina Abramovic

When asked to name who he admires most, the actor rattled off a list of names:
"It's dead heat between these people: David Lynch, John Cassavetes, Marina Abramovic, Ira Glass and Russian cage fighter Fedor Emelianeko."

3. He Identifies With Legendary Filmmaker John Cassavetes

"The historical figure I identify with the most is John Cassavetes," Gillies told Fashion&Style.
Although Cassavetes has acted in several films, including "Rosemary's Baby," he is  considered to be the most notable independent filmmaker that the United States has ever seen.
In fact, Robert Ebert once called him "the Godfather of independent cinema in America."

2. He Wishes He Was A Better Carpenter

"The talent that I would like the most to have is carpentry," he said. "Or a building skill of any kind."

1. His Biggest Pet Peeve Is Wasting Time

"My biggest pet peeve is folks who get to the front of a long line filled with other people who have their own respective needs and ask the service professional behind the counter questions designed to waste time," Gillies admitted.

"For example, they will ask the counter person to carry out a task they can in no way perform or will inquire about cashing a check from 1987," the actor explained.

"I also don't like when they ask the counterperson a random question that has no immediate answer or takes 20 minutes to address, but has no bearing on the purchase that the customer almost certainly does not wish to make."

"Finally, it is also irritating when they ask the cashier to examine a expired coupon and argue about its validity," the actor added.

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