Saving Hope’s Daniel Gillies Interview On Why Dr Joel Goran Is More Like Him Than Any Other Role


It looks like Daniel Gillies is in for a complicated season on Saving Hope. Orthopedic surgeon Joel Goran is still reeling from Alex’s accident, and the pressure mounts as he deals with multiple responsibilities and the guilt of Alex’s near-death experience. Part two of Saving Hope’s premiere airs tonight, Thursday, Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on CTV and the CTV GO app and picks up right where we left off. Real Style spoke to the Canadian-born Gillies (he was raised in New Zealand) about what’s next for Joel and how his native New Zealand accent made a difference in the character.

Real Style: What are you looking forward to with Joel this season?

Daniel Gillies: Joel joins a stripper academy; they’re called Magic Joel. Around mid-season, I’m looking forward to that. I have to get in incredible shape for that very purpose. But no, nothing stripper-related happens, I should say, fortunately, looking at my torso now. I’m looking forward to people experiencing what he goes through. I know a lot of what happens and it’s a tempest. He really is thrown into a storm. I’ve had more to do this season than the previous two. We’re making lots of discoveries about who he is and was. As well as who he and Alex are and were. And we’re getting him into a lot of trouble. I mean A LOT of trouble.

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