Daniel Gillies on Storytelling and 'Saving Hope'

TV, eh?

This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Daniel Gillies, star of both Saving Hope on CTV as well as the upcoming spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals on The CW. Gillies also wrote and directed his first feature film Broken Kingdom which debuted in 2012, starring Gillies and his wife, Rachael Leigh Cook. I asked Gillies about his career, his film, and Saving Hope’s Dr. Joel Goran.

Well if I’m not mistaken, I have it written here that you were born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, you moved to New Zealand at a very early age, from there you went to Australia to work, then to Los Angeles, now you’re back in Canada for Saving Hope … could you tell us a bit about that journey and becoming an actor in so many different places in your career?

You missed one important step in there: between Australia and the United States I actually went to Vancouver and worked there for a year, which is sort of what got me started in North America. That was in 2001. To be honest, it’s fascinating to me to think about how many places I’ve been to in order to have this career. I’m a very lucky guy. But to talk about the last twenty years is a little difficult in a paragraph.

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