The Originals Q&A: Daniel Gillies on Being Like Obi-Wan, The Enchantment of Life and More

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In April, CW viewers were treated to a special episode of The Vampire Diaries, one that took them down to New Orleans and introduced them to the supernatural happenings in The Big Easy.

The installment was a hit, The Originals was ordered to series, but a challenge was therefore presented to Julie Plec and company:

How do you write a premiere after already setting up the show's premise months earlier? How do you draw in viewers who may not have tuned in for the backdoor pilot, while presenting something fresh for those who did?

"It's told through a different prism," Daniel Gillies explained to me of this Thursday's opener. "We're looking at what we saw in the pilot from a different perspective, showing the motivations behind Elijah's desire to see his family whole again."

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One of Elijah’s most magical qualities is that, beneath this sometimes ruthless exterior, he’s still enchanted by life
— Daniel Gillies