Blood, sweat and tears

The NZ Herald
by Leena Taylor

Five years ago in Los Angeles, Hollywood actress Rachael Leigh Cook woke to find her husband, Daniel Gillies, had redecorated their bedroom overnight.

I think New Zealand is one of those places you grow fonder of the more time that goes by that you’re away from it.

But this was no Kiwi DIY job. The carpet was a sprawling mass of scribbled notes and on them were the workings of what would become the New Zealander's first film, Broken Kingdom, a tumultuous endeavour that would both break and save the former Street Legal star and current Vampire Diaries pin-up.

"He said he an idea for a script and I woke up the next morning, no joke, in a sea of three-by-five cards, spread in a perfect line across the bed," recalls Cook. "They were everywhere - on me, on top of him and he was hovering over them like a man on a mission."

The three-year journey that followed would ultimately turn into a personal, professional and financial roller coaster, testing the 36-year-old Kiwi at every sharp, downward plunge.

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