Daniel Gillies Talks Steamy Elena and Elijah Scenes in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES


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Thursday night’s hottest show knows exactly how to get the blood-pumping. Not only does THE VAMPIRE DIARIES recruit some of the most attractive actors to grace the television screen, it amps up the sex and violence to the Nth degree as befitting a show where death is always hovering in the air. In fact, death comes a calling usually each week as over one-half of the blood-thirsty characters need a steady supply of fresh blood.

The one exception maybe the enigmatic Elijah, fantastically portrayed by Daniel Gillies. To date, Elijah is the one vampire who seems to abstain from the feeding frenzy. He will gladly rip out your heart, but to show weakness and actually drink blood, he would prefer not to indulge. Instead the courtly and noble vampire has made an effort to set a better example for his baser siblings who seem to greedily drink on whatever readily-available human is nearby.