'The Vampire Diaries' Star Daniel Gillies Talks Elijah's Attraction To Elena And An Originals Spin-Off

HuffPost TV

During last week's "Vampire Diaries," Mystic Fall's mother of the year Esther devised a clever scheme to kill her devilish son Klaus: She bound all of the Original siblings together with a spell, so that if one of them were to die, they would all die. But if there's one Original sibling that's proven that death is never permanent, it's Elijah.

As actor Daniel Gillies reminds HuffPost TV, he's already died -- and been resurrected -- four times.

In Thursday night's all-new episode, "All in the Family," Elijah will ultimately give Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) a dangerous ultimatum where the price is Elena's (Nina Dobrev) life. If they want to save Elena, then they have to help Elijah stop his mother from going through with her plan. "Elijah can be a decent master of ceremonies when things need to happen," Gillies told HuffPost TV. "He's a bit of a DJ at the forthcoming party."

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