Daniel Gillies: I'm Excited To Play A Human!

The Insider

NBC's new medical drama Saving Hope may revolve around a supernatural element (comatose surgeon's spirit sticks around the hospital) but it's worlds away from Daniel Gillies' last small screen gig on The Vampire Diaries, where he brought to life a centuries old vampire.

Playing a honest to goodness human being was one of the biggest appeals for Daniel, as was the opportunity to use his natural New Zealand accent for the first time in more than a decade. Although, as the actor tells me, one of those things even came as a surprise to him!

TheInsider.com: What excites you about Saving Hope?
Daniel Gillies: I know there's this obligatory sense that I have to get out there and promote a project, and while that's true, nothing is more pleasurable than talking about a project you believe in -- and this show is magnificent. It just goes from strength to strength every week. I thought one looked like a movie, but episode two looks even more cinematic. I've never seen anything quite like this show. I’m so happy to be grandstanding.

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It’s my own voice and it’s very strange for me – I’ve been playing Americans and Brits for the last 12 years and I have never used my own voice.
— Daniel Gillies