Daniel Gillies Previews "Greek Chorus," Amazing Pilot of Saving Hope

TV Fanatic

Daniel Gillies says he has no idea why his Vampire Diaries character of Elijah has resonated so well with fans of that CW smash.

"I'm very lucky," the actor simply told me over the phone yesterday in response to that question.

But ask Gillies about Saving Hope - the NBC drama that premieres tomorrow night at 9/8c - and he can far more easily explain why he's so excited for viewers to see the pilot, which he describes as "one of the best I've ever seen."

"David Wellington is going to be the next JJ Abrams," Gillies said of the show's executive producer, who directed the premiere and who Gillies praises for his "talent and vision," adding: "I'm telling you, this show is really good. It's engaging and compelling and funny and brave all at once."

Gillies explained that he watched the opening episode with his wife, acknowledging a "degree of cynicism" for both halves of the couple, and she "burst into tears" by the end.

"That's an accomplishment," said the star.

Saving Hope stars Gillies as Dr. Joel Goran, an orthopedic surgeon who takes a pay cut to work at Hope-Zion hospital, ostensibly to study stem cell research, but possibly to rekindle his romance with Erica Durance's Alex Reid.

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