Daniel Gillies from 'Vampire Diaries' talks Elijah's next step.


The New Zealand native admits he'd like to see the 'Breaking Bad' version of 'Diaries'

You might not recognize Daniel Gillies in a knitted cap and relaxed street wear as the elegant and sophisticated Elijah of "The Vampire Diaries," and he knows it. "I look like a New Zealand woodsman or something," Gillies joked during a recent group interview. Gillies talked to reporters about whether or not Elijah actually drank the blood-infused champagne that would bind him to his siblings in last week's episode, which Original he's most loyal to, and the show Gillies himself would like to model an "adult" "Diaries" after.
To drink or not to drink
When one observant reporter noted that Elijah might have pretended to drink the binding toast, Gillies confirmed that no bloody champagne was imbibed -- but not because the show's creators asked him to do it. "I'm a giant diva," he joked. "At the best of times, and when I can, I like to create a sense of suspicion. So I just wanted to create something enigmatic. But the actors don't know anything week to week. So [the show producers] could go down that road, but that doesn't mean I know they will. We don't usually know anything until about a week ahead. 
Casting follies
Because plots turn and twist with such speed on "Diaries," Gillies and the rest of the cast often have to wing it when it comes to reacting. He had yet to meet some of the actors cast as his Original siblings while shooting scenes mentioning them. "You don't know what they're like until they arrive," he says. "In once scene, I said, 'You'd better look out or you'll have Kol to deal with.' I hadn't met Nathan (Nathaniel Buzolic) at that point when I was doing those lines. In my mind, Kol was, Nathan's tremendous, but we were describing him as this… leviathan, this ogre. So my relationship with [my siblings] is kind of what we guess it is." 

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