'TVD' Star on Elijah's Kaleidoscope of Betrayal

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The last episode of Vampire Diaries served up another one of the show's signature shockers with the heart-stopping (and removing) reveal that Damon had awoken Elijah!

But unlike many of the show's other OMG moments, this one remained unspoiled by the internet until it actually aired! A fact that star Daniel Gillies is still astounded by.

That was just one of the things I discussed with Daniel in advance of tonight's big Elijah episode. I also found out what his character's mindset is when it comes to his brother Klaus, The Salvatore brothers and that delectable Elena Gilbert!

Insider.com: Were you surprised that the reveal of Elijah's return stayed secret until the episode actually aired?
Daniel Gillies: I was – especially with today's online media. We filmed so much in the studio, but one day Ian [Somerhalder], Paul [Wesley], Joseph [Morgan] and myself filmed a scene in the middle of an alley and there were crowds of people watching. They all saw me. There was no hiding it. At one point, the director even screamed "Elijah go back to first position!" It's incredible to me that those people didn’t Tweet about it. I thought it would be ruined for sure.

Insider: Given the way he was put in the coffin, how is Elijah feeling towards Klaus at the start of tonight's episode?
Daniel: He's pretty pissed off coming out of that coffin. Incredibly pissed off. Where he takes us is actually a very important storyline for the show that I can't blow the cover off of. But there's a good degree of apprehension and fear in how he proceeds with Klaus. Elijah doesn't feel like he can trust anyone – and I feel for him. He's experienced this whole kaleidoscope of betrayal. He doesn't enjoy what the family has become; they're a distortion of their former selves. They've become monstrous. And he seems to be looking for purity or attempting to uphold some sort of code, which seems strange to me given that everyone in this family is so corrupt.

Insider: What about the flipside -- Elijah went back on his word to Elena and Stefan the last he saw them. How do they feel about Elijah's return?
Daniel: What's interesting is that I feel like that choice was congruent with the creature that Julie Plec is ultimately trying to create. There's betrayal and then there's betrayal. There's loyalty and there's loyalty. You're talking about Elijah's 1,000 year quest versus this short-term objective he pledged himself to. There was a degree of dishonor in him turning a cheek on that commitment but I think that the holy grail for Elijah at that point was his family.

Insider: Which will obviously come into play with tonight's episode -- what can you tease about Bringing Out the Dead?
Daniel: Oh man. The lines are drawn in the sand tonight. Essentially this episode is going to precipitate the events of the next several episodes because of the way in which The Salvatores & The Originals figure out how their relationships will transpire. Essentially, as anyone can guess, the rules that Klaus might throw down are not really going to work for anybody. The genius and the genesis of that is at the dinner party.

Insider: The mortality of anyone in Mystic Falls is constantly in question -- so what do you as Daniel hope to do with Elijah before he is killed off the show, if he ever is?
Daniel: I'd really like him to be an instrument in the destruction of Klaus. I don't see that happening without considerable damage or the complete loss of his own life. I think it will be one of those classic stories where a dark person takes down an even darker entity but take themselves out at the same time. Think of Darth Vader and the Emperor in Return of the Jedi. The only way The Emperor could be gone was for Darth to sacrifice his own life in the process, which makes it redemptive. Although, that said, I want to stick around as long as possible [laughs].

Insider: What about Elena? I still maintain that there's an unusual connection between those two.
Daniel: I know it's a little obvious in the world of Vampire Diaries, where everyone falls in love with Elena, but I agree that Elijah sees something beautiful in her. I would love for him to express that to her before he goes. I feel like Elijah would be most drawn to her because she's living a better life than people who've lived for centuries longer. I think that's the sort of thing he's attracted to. Even it was just a moment, I'd love to see them share something -- but I think it should be more.

Insider: Elena vs. Katerina -- go!
Daniel: It's funny because I know a lot of fans want Elijah with Katerina, but he's attracted to who a person is in their soul and Katerina is nowhere near the person Elena is. I think Elijah came to town thinking he'd deal with all this doppelganger business quickly and be done with it. But things got complicated when he saw this girl – I think Elijah fell for Elena harder than he ever fell for Katerina. In my opinion.

Insider: Do you think Elijah could take Damon in the fight for Elena's heart?
Daniel: I mean, there's no question if we're talking about a physical fight – that's a joke. Elijah all the way. But romantically, I don't know. I also don't think Stefan is out of the picture really. Both Elijah and Daniel think Stefan is still the biggest romantic threat for Elena's heart.

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