Daniel Gillies Teases The Originals Finale - Exclusive by Alloy Entertainment

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Ever since its inception as a Vampire Diaries backdoor pilot, The Originals has remained a story about the trials and tribulations of an immortal family trying to build a home in New Orleans. These Viking siblings — plagued by centuries of secrets, betrayals, and destructive power plays — have experienced more their fair share of pain, and their constant “bickering” makes the Battle of Hogwarts seem tame by comparison. But the beauty of their relationship is that, despite their personal transgressions and grievances, the Mikaelsons — adhering to their eternal promise of “Always and Forever” — let bygones be bygones in order to heal and move forth.

Are you familiar with mathematics? Their entire saga is like the course of parabolas.
— Daniel Gillies

On that note, can they ever forgive Klaus for the damage and grief he inflicted upon them in episode 2×21, “Fire with Fire”? Not only did he kill Gia and attack Cami, but he also reactivated Hayley’s Crescent curse and basically pressured Rebekah into sacrificing her human body to return to her much more lethal one. True, his dastardly deeds were all part of a ruse to gain aunt Dahlia’s trust and protect his daughter, Baby Hope — but where does one draw the line? This is certainly the question Elijah will find himself struggling with in The Originals Season 2 finale. Hopeful for his brother’s redemption, Elijah has stood by Klaus’s side through thick and thin — even when he daggered him, even when he disagreed with his actions. Sometimes though, even honorable and loyal men need to break rank, and it seems Elijah has reached his boiling point.

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