The Movie Crypt: Ep 112: Daniel Gillies. Via The Movie Crypt.

Listen to Daniel talk Kingdom Come / Broken Kingdom and his genuine love for movies and movie-making.

The Movie Crypt

Via The Movie Crypt -
"After countless mentions over the life of this podcast about how KINGDOM COME is the absolute “must see” filmmaking documentary for anyone wanting to learn just how harrowing the indie financing process can be, Daniel FINALLY sits down with Adam, Joe, and Arwen to tell his tale on this week’s fascinating episode.  Listen, cringe, laugh, learn, and be inspired as Daniel shares his personal story and recollects on the experience that damn near killed him, yet couldn’t disenchant his love of cinema or his desire to do it all again someday.  It doesn’t get more honest or more real than this.  And seriously… we can’t recommend enough that you seek out and watch both KINGDOM COME and BROKEN KINGDOM immediately."

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