The Originals at Comic-Con: Daniel Gillies Talks Elijah & Hayley, Flashbacks & Crossovers in Season 3

TV Overmind

The Originals has always been a show about family, and it was very much all about the Mikaelson family in Season 2 of the CW vampire drama, with both Esther, Mikael, Kol, and Finn returning, Freya being introduced, and the siblings’ Aunt Esther serving as the big bad. And while family will always be a major theme in The Originals, it will be explored in a little bit of a different way in the show’s upcoming third season, as the sired vampires of the originals (in many ways, the “children” of Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah) arrive in New Orleans to seek power and vengeance, something that may force Elijah and Klaus to have to put aside their differences again and fight together.

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