Daniel Gillies Exclusive Interview by Hugo Gloss

Hugo Gloss
Entrevista exclusiva com Daniel Gillies, o Elijah de “The Originals”

When Hugo Gloss received the invitation from Warner Bros. to interview Daniel Gillies from "The Originals" they jumped at the chance!  Accompanied by co-stars Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Chase Coleman (Oliver), the portrayer of Elijah, arrived in São Paulo in early May for Vampire Attraction 2016 and had a chat with Hugo Gloss after the convention.

Keeping his usual good humour, Daniel talked about his character, the twists and turns of the series and was sincere in his comments on his friendship with Phoebe Tonkin. The actress who plays Hayley, is dating Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) in real life.  Paul is one of Daniel’s best friends.  Daniel also told Hugo Gloss of his wanderings in São Paulo and his impressions of Brazilian food.

The above paragraphs have been translated to English to the best of our abilities by 'Daniel Gillies Network'.