The Originals Season 3: Hayley and Elijah Are 'Doomed to Love Each Other'

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I do Hope you’re sitting down, because Daniel Gillies‘ explanation of Elijah and Hayley’s journey in Season 3 of The Originals — premiering Thursday at 9/8c on The CW — is kind of heartbreaking.

As you (should) know, Hayley is still cursed to remain a werewolf outside of a full moon, meaning she has but one night per cycle to see her baby. As you’ll discover in tomorrow’s season opener, Elijah is determined to make those rare occasions as enjoyable as possible, though their get-togethers don’t allow much time for “the talk.”

“I think it’s kind of masterful for the writers to have Elijah and Hayley not discuss their relationship,” Gillies tells TVLine. “There’s something kind of Dickensian about the whole thing; there’s sort of a parlor room romance that comes along with the restraint. It’s what makes them interesting, but I do think they’re sort of doomed to love each other.”

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‘The Originals’ Daniel Gillies on Elijah and Hayley love, Klaus as a dad and more


As “The Originals” prepares for its Season 3 premiere, there’s much to talk about in terms of the Mikaelson family. After working together to defeat Dahlia (Claudia Black) in the Season 2 finale, things have definitely changed in the French Quarter.

Zap2it spoke with Elijah Mikaelson himself — Daniel Gillies — about what the new season brings in terms of danger for the family and the continuing tentions between Elijah and Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Plus, what are the odds that the eldest Mikaelson brother could find love with Hayley, the mother of his niece?

Daniel Gillies: When he told everybody to come out to New Orleans at the beginning of the show, he had such hopes and dreams and aspirations. Those have sort of been rocked and shattered due to a variety of cataclysms that have been thrown at them from every single angle.

The Originals Stars Hope for 'Crazy Werewolf Sex' in Season 3 - via TV Line

TV Line

Neither Daniel Gillies nor Charles Michael Davis has any idea what will happen to their characters in The Originals‘ third season, but that didn’t stop them from sharing their wish list with TVLine — one that happens to include “crazy werewolf sex” between Elijah and Hayley.

“I think his natural allegiance is turning more towards Hayley,” Gillies said of Elijah when we spoke on the carpet The CW upfront. (Yeah, this video’s kind of old. Want to fight about it?) “I would hope to see Elijah be less of a butler to his schizophrenic brother and more of his own force … in Season 3.”

As for Marcel’s romantic future, Davis said he’d like to see a reunion with Rebekah, regardless of “whatever body she’s in.” (Wouldn’t. We. All.)

Additional highlights from our interview include:
* Davis asking Gillies if he’d hook up with a werewolf “if it was required.” (Gillies’ answer is perfect.)
* Davis and Gillies debating whether or not vampires can grow facial hair.
* Gillies asking why he and his new beard have become the poster duo for “I quit.”

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From the executive producer of 'The Vampire Diaries' comes 'THE ORIGINALS', a supernatural drama that follows the story of the ‘Original’ family. Central to the drama is the dangerous vampire/werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson, who returned to the magical melting pot of the French Quarter of New Orleans in Season One; the city his family helped build and the city from which he and his siblings – Elijah and Rebekah – were exiled a century ago.

A tumultuous first season saw the human and supernatural inhabitants of the Crescent City thrown into turmoil – and an epic finale resulted in bloodshed, birth, death and the reemergence of several iconic characters in the show. With the second season about to premiere, we catch up with actor DANIEL GILLIES – who plays Elijah Mikaelson – to find out more…

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Is The Originals' Epic Romance Over Already?


When mourning the loss of your newborn baby, it's kind of hard to strike up a romantic relationship with your baby daddy's brother. So, we totally understand why Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) isn't exactly jumping at the chance to kiss Elijah (Daniel Gillies) on The Originals right now. We get it...even if we'd gladly take her place! But does that mean that Hayley and Elijah's budding relationship is over before it even began?

We took that question straight to Tonkin and Gillies themselves, and both promised that while things look bleak right now on the romantic front, that doesn't mean it will be that way for good.

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