The Originals: Hilarious 'Mom' Tips

By Entertainment Weekly

After more than a thousand years of existence, the Mikalesons are prepared for just about anything … other than parenthood. Let’s be real: Their parents weren’t exactly the type of people you’d want them to emulate. And yet, thanks to a one-night stand between Klaus and Hayley, they’ve found themselves smack in the middle of raising a child. Thankfully, Hayley’s there to help, but even she didn’t grow up with the best parental figures in her life. In other words, we’re lucky Hope is so resilient. 

New ‘Vampire Diaries’ Video: Elijah Will ‘Definitely Be Back’ In Season 4

Hollywood Life

Daniel Gillies’ handsome mug addresses fans in a brand-new interview, promising more Original hotness this fall.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be Team Damon or Team Stefan, I’m pretty sure we’re all Team Elijah. In this new video, just released by The CW, Daniel Gillies talks about playing The Vampire Diaries‘ best-groomed Original — and what fans can look forward to as we edge closer to the Oct. 11 season premiere.

“Elijah will definitely be back,” Daniel says. “I think as long as there are vampires on this show, I think Elijah will be back. With four deaths under my belt, I think I’m pretty much bulletproof at this point.”