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THE ORIGINALS Scoop: Daniel Gillies Talks What Elijah Sees In Hayley and His Monster Within

The TV Addict

From the beginning of THE ORIGINALS, there was just a hint of perhaps more than a brotherly interest by Elijah (Daniel Gillies, pictured above with Tiffany Vogt) in Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), the werewolf baby-momma of his indifferent brother, Klaus (Joseph Morgan).  But that hint has begun to look like more distinct romantic interest when Elijah returned from his brief time away in Marcel’s (Charles Michael Davis) coffin and actively began to hover more protectively around Hayley and unborn child.

In last week’s press conference, Executive Producer Julie Plec admitted, “There’s definitely something. Elijah, as we know, is a good protector and tends to be drawn to people in spite of himself.”  To which her co-executive producer Michael Narducci added, “What a great fantasy Elijah is to someone like Hayley? How could she not be drawn to this protective and noble man? Something she’s never seen before.”  But as a sign that their budding romance maybe thwarted, Julie further noted, “It’s very clear that [Klaus] is very territorial — that he likes what is his to remain his.  So I have a feeling that we’ll stir up a lot of conflicted emotions for him as well.”

During a special set visit coordinated and provided for courtesy of Warner Bros. Television, star Daniel Gillies gave a bit of insight into what is going on in Elijah’s head and heart as to Hayley.

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'The Originals' Interview: Daniel Gillies on Elijah's Code & Klaus' Lack of Wisdom

Just Jared

Check out this brand new interview with The Originals star Daniel Gillies!

The New Zealand native plays Elijah, the oldest living vampire in the world and a member of the Original family.

Elijah is back in the French Quarter in attempt to keep his family together, including the unborn child of his brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin).

JJJ caught up with Daniel to get the scoop on Elijah’s relationship with Hayley, his misplaced title of nobility, the origin of his accent, and more!

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Daniel Gillies Opens Up About Wife Rachael Leigh Cook & Baby Charlotte Easton

Just Jared

Daniel Gillies talks to JJ about his lovely wife Rachael Leigh Cook and their two-week-old bundle of joy in a new interview!

We caught up with him while on set of his new show The Originals in Atlanta where he gushed over Rachael and their baby girl Charlotte Easton.

“My wife is the greatest gift I ever received,” Daniel exclusively told JJ. “She came [to Atlanta] eight months pregnant, found us an apartment to live in, transported our dogs, cars – I helped with this obviously – but she brought her life down here.”

Daniel added, “Her mother too, who I adore, and she got her nest set up here in that last month. She found new physicians, new OB-GYN’s, new pediatricians. Everything was going to happen in L.A. and then, it was all for me.”

As for Charlotte, he told reporters that they dance and sing with her every single day. Too cute!!!

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The Originals Q&A: Daniel Gillies Talks Klaus' Betrayal

Access Hollywood

Fans who saw the original version of “The Originals” encountered a surprise twist when the show premiered a beefed up version of its pilot last week on The CW. At the end of the episode, Daniel Gillies character, Elijah Mikaelson, was staked by his brother, Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

Klaus, the vampire/werewolf hybrid, did it because he believes Elijah, who has that great love of family (and is particularly pleased that Hayley is carrying Klaus’ miracle baby), is a weakness Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) can exploit.

Shortly before Daniel set off on his newest adventure – parenthood (he and his wife, Rachael Leigh Cook, welcomed a daughter just over a week ago), he spoke with Access about “The Originals” staking twist, and what could be next for the growing Mikaelson TV family.

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Rachael Leigh Cook Reveals Baby Name: Charlotte Easton Gillies!

US Weekly

It’s a girl. The tiny new empress of my everything,

Baby's got a name! Less than one week after giving birth to a happy, healthy baby girl, Rachael Leigh Cook and husband Daniel Gillies exclusively tell Us Weekly that they've decided upon a name: Charlotte Easton Gillies!

Cook, 34, and Gillies, 37, welcomed their bundle of joy to the world on Saturday, Sept. 28 at 9:02 a.m. at 6 lbs., 15 oz, the couple reveal.

"It's a girl. The tiny new empress of my everything," proud father Gillies shared his endearing thoughts with fans on Sunday, Sept. 29. "She's immaculate. We're delirious." This is the first child for both parents.

And both Cook and Gillies will have their hands full this fall, with Cook currently filming TNT series Perception (she plays special agent Kate Moretti), and Gillies playing Elijah in new Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals (which premiered on Thursday, Oct. 3).

Us Weekly exclusively broke the news of the couple's expectant news in May. "I've been hiding my rapidly growing bump while shooting but this kiddo is vying for screen time," the actress told Us at the time. "We clearly have a future actor on our hands."

Cook and Gillies, who appeared together on Showtime's Broken Kingdom in May, tied the knot in August 2004.

"A lot of people are asking whether I'd prefer a boy or a girl," he told Us at the time. "In truth, it doesn't matter to me -- I just can't wait to meet little Keanu Robocop."

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