I’ve never played a character as close to me as Joel before and I don’t think I ever will again.
— Daniel Gillies

Saving Hope is a Canadian supernatural medical drama set in Toronto, Canada.  Hope Zion (the hospital) is fictional.  Saving Hope debuted on CTV and NBC networks simultaneously on 7 June 2012.  Daniel (as Joel Goran) completed three seasons of Saving Hope in a lead role alongside Erica Durance (Alex Reid) and Michael Shanks (Charlie Harris).

Created By - Malcolm MacRury, Morwyn Brebner


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Saving Hope Cast

Joel Goran  Daniel Gillies

Joel Goran
Daniel Gillies

Alex Reid  Erica Durance

Alex Reid
Erica Durance

Charlie Harris  Michael Shanks

Charlie Harris
Michael Shanks

Maggie Lin  Julia Taylor-Ross

Maggie Lin
Julia Taylor-Ross

Dana Kinney  Wendy Crewson

Dana Kinney
Wendy Crewson

Dawn Bell  Michelle Nolden

Dawn Bell
Michelle Nolden

Shahir Hamza  Huse Madhavji

Shahir Hamza
Huse Madhavji

Zach Miller  Benjamin Ayres

Zach Miller
Benjamin Ayres

Gavin Murphy  Kristopher Turner

Gavin Murphy
Kristopher Turner

Tom Reycraft  KC Collins

Tom Reycraft
KC Collins

Victor Reis  Salvatore Antonio

Victor Reis
Salvatore Antonio

Jackson Wade  Joseph Pierre

Jackson Wade
Joseph Pierre

Melinda Tolliver  Glenda Braganza

Melinda Tolliver
Glenda Braganza