Daniel Gillies Talks 'TVD' Spin-Off Dreams

ET Online

Over the course of four fantastic seasons, The Vampire Diaries has introduced a cadre of recurring characters for fans to sink their teeth into -- but no supporting player is more endeared to fans than Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah's immortal brother, played by Daniel Gillies.

The fan-favorite not only kicks off a multi-episode arc with tonight's episode, but is one of the stars of The CW's hopeful spin-off, The Originals (a backdoor pilot for the series serves as TVD's April 25 episode). To find out what we can expect from Elijah's return in tonight's episode, and what The Originals looks/sounds/smells like, ETonline rang up the always delightful Daniel Gillies.

ETonline: Fans were thrilled when it was announced Elijah would be returning tonight. First, what's it like to have created a character people are passionate about?
Daniel Gillies: I'm completely bewildered by it, to be honest. I feel immensely grateful, obviously, but I don't know how you make sense of that kind of passionate adoration. It's immensely gratifying and really humbling.

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