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Saving Hope Star Daniel Gillies Does Double Duty


Five years ago, Daniel Gillies had a handful of TV stints and film roles on his resumé, but he hadn’t yet found that breakout hit. Fast forward to today and he’s balancing the vampire life on CW hit The Originals, playing one-third of a salacious love triangle on Canadian original Saving Hope and learning the ropes of fatherhood with wife Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That) and their 1-year-old daughter.

His skyrocketing popularity with the young female crowd has become so overwhelming that he’s weary about even taking photos since they “suddenly show up everywhere” online. The Canadian actor is aware these are high-class problems, ones that translate onscreen to his insanely swamped “man-whore” character Dr. Joel Goran on Saving Hope.

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From the executive producer of 'The Vampire Diaries' comes 'THE ORIGINALS', a supernatural drama that follows the story of the ‘Original’ family. Central to the drama is the dangerous vampire/werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson, who returned to the magical melting pot of the French Quarter of New Orleans in Season One; the city his family helped build and the city from which he and his siblings – Elijah and Rebekah – were exiled a century ago.

A tumultuous first season saw the human and supernatural inhabitants of the Crescent City thrown into turmoil – and an epic finale resulted in bloodshed, birth, death and the reemergence of several iconic characters in the show. With the second season about to premiere, we catch up with actor DANIEL GILLIES – who plays Elijah Mikaelson – to find out more…

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Is The Originals' Epic Romance Over Already?


When mourning the loss of your newborn baby, it's kind of hard to strike up a romantic relationship with your baby daddy's brother. So, we totally understand why Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) isn't exactly jumping at the chance to kiss Elijah (Daniel Gillies) on The Originals right now. We get it...even if we'd gladly take her place! But does that mean that Hayley and Elijah's budding relationship is over before it even began?

We took that question straight to Tonkin and Gillies themselves, and both promised that while things look bleak right now on the romantic front, that doesn't mean it will be that way for good.

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'The Originals': Daniel Gillies Previews Family War and Elijah's Romantic Hardships

The Hollywood Reporter

Not only will Klaus and Elijah have to contend with Mikael and Esther, the arrivals of brothers Finn and Kol — now played by Yusuf Gatewood (Vincent) and Daniel Sharman (Kaleb), respectively — could make for an interesting (potentially bloody) family dinner. Daniel Gillies hints that the clock is ticking.

"He's wary," the actor tells The Hollywood Reporter of Elijah's suspicions. "Kol was certainly troublesome when he was around. The moment that Elijah becomes aware that Finn has made a return, Elijah will be suspicious that his mother is somewhere in the picture because Finn has a deep allegiance to [Esther]."

A war is certainly looming on the horizon

'The Originals': Daniel Gillies On Hayley, Esther's Return & Filming With Babies.

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Elijah and Hayley continue to hit bumps in their relationship road on "The Originals."

She's still hurting from the absence of her daughter, Hope, and trying to deal with the feelings and desires that come with becoming a new hybrid. In "The Originals" Season 2 premiere last week, Daniel Gillies' Elijah encouraged his brother, Klaus, to help Hayley, knowing that he couldn't comfort her in the way she needed. With all Elijah does for Hayley, it had us wondering: Does Elijah ultimately want a happy family situation with his niece and Hayley? Is that his ultimate goal?

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