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Daniel talks Broken Kingdom and what Elijah gets up to while on hiatus.

Variety Radio Online (VRO)
Hosted by Lynn Godwin (Daniel Gillies Network)

Daniel talks Broken Kingdom and what Elijah gets up to while on hiatus.  

Daniel Gillies is well-known to most of our audience as the noble and beloved Original vampire, Elijah, on The Vampire Diaries. And if that weren't enough, Daniel recently released Broken Kingdom - a movie that he wrote, directed, and stars in with his wife, Rachael Leigh Cook.

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Daniel Gillies: Vampire Gives Back!


Talk about a role reversal. Daniel Gillies may be used to drinking blood as Elijah on 'The Vampire Diaries,' but we got to watch him giving some back!

Talk about a role reversal. Daniel Gillies may be used to drinking blood as Elijah on The Vampire Diaries, but we got to watch him giving some back!

Daniel talks about his film (Broken Kingdom) which will be released online and film-making.

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Exclusive Photos from Paste: Paste Premiere Party for Kingdom Come

Paste Magazine

Last week Paste celebrated the world premiere of Kingdom Come, Paiman Kalayeh’s documentary chronicling the making of Daniel Gillies’ film Broken Kingdom and the changing landscape of indie film, with a red-carpet premiere party in West Hollywood. Notable attendees included Gillies and his wife (and co-star/producer) Rachael Leigh Cook, co-producer Illeana Douglas, Jennie Garth, Dan Harmon, Bill Cobbs, Jeffrey Poitier and many others.  Check out our exclusive photo gallery, courtesy of Shelby Bond.  And while you’re at it, hop on over to the Broken Kingdom website, where you can get both films for $8.

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Daniel Gillies talks 'The Vampire Diaries' in Spoiler Room Video Edition

Entertainment Weekly

Take it from me: The Vampire Diaries is easily one of the most difficult shows to conduct interviews about because of the serialized nature of the story. Teasing – it’s an art. But I have to say, Daniel Gillies really held his own when he sat down on the Spoiler Room couch for a chat while in town recently promoting the Oct. 11 return of The Vampire Diaries and his film Broken Kingdom, out today.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for the actor. The fruits of your labors have produced the following scoop on Elijah’s return, the next flashback episode, and much more. Click below to check it out – and to hear Gillies say the phrase “take our pants off.”

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Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Smith Tell Indie Film War Stories in Kingdom Come

Paste Magazine

Michael Dunaway

The making of an indie film is fraught with all sorts of dangers and pitfalls. In these two exclusive outtake clips from the new documentary Kingdom Come, Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Smith share a couple of their war stories.

Broken Kingdom, Daniel Gillies’ narrative film, and Kingdom Come, a documentary about his five-year struggle to get the film made, both make their debut tonight, October 2, at a Paste-sponsored red carpet event in Hollywood. Broken Kingdomstars Gillies, Rachael Leigh Cook and Seymour Cassel. Kingdom Come stars Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle, Kevin Smith, Morgan Spurlock, Edward Burns and many others.

Live streaming of the red carpet will be aired live right here at 9 PM EST with the film available right after for $5 at

See the exclusive clips from Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Smith below: 

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