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'Saving Hope' Season 3: Daniel Gillies On What's To Come In Hospital Drama

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Daniel Gillies has plenty of blood on his hands these days. On the Canadian medical drama “Saving Hope,” Gillies plays brilliant orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joel Goran. Over on “The Vampire Diaries” spin-off “The Originals,” he’s the charismatic, well-dressed Elijah.

“Saving Hope” kicks off Season 3 on January 2 at 9:00 p.m. EST on CTV, and Gillies spoke to HuffPost Canada TV about hospital life, his wish list and, of course, vampires.

HuffPost Canada TV: How does it feel to have two very popular series on television simultaneously?
Daniel Gillies: Like a blessing I don’t feel very worthy of. I’m so lucky. The first logical answer to that should be "exhausted," particularly with an overlap between both shows and going back and forth between the two. Both shows were gracious enough to let me do the other. The monumental feat here isn’t the fact I’m doing two shows -- the monumental feat is two gigantic production companies decided to allow me to do that.

Has Joel become a better doctor since joining the staff of Hope Zion Hospital?
I know he's certainly becoming a more experienced lover. The problem with procedural stuff is typically when one of the protagonists, in the case of “Saving Hope,” a surgeon, has to demonstrate a proficiency and prowess as a doctor. Unfortunately, everyone else has to take a second position. It’s weird. At times, Joel can be Mozart and then at other times, he has problems with these very rudimentary things and it’s an education. That being said, I’d certainly say he’s grown as a physical practitioner.

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Daniel Gillies Talks Elijah, Klaus, and The Originals (Video)


If anyone asked us what it is about Daniel Gillies that makes the ladies and gents go wild, generating a list of worthwhile responses would not pose a challenge at all. He’s a handsome, talented, and engaging fellow. Plus, he plays Elijah Mikaelson with such keen perfection every week on The Originals (which airs Tuesday evenings at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW) so what’s not to adore about this New Zealand actor/director/screenwriter/devoted husband and father? Essentially he’s a prime example of a modern Renaissance man.

Well, while visiting the set of The Vampire Diaries spin-off, we also learned one more fun fact about Daniel: he’s as sassy as he is charming! In the age of media-trained entertainers, it’s quite refreshing to interact with an actor who keeps it real, and Daniel’s responses to questions about Elijah, Klaus, and the baby certainly had us cracking up.   That’s not to say, of course, that when we asked him some serious questions about his character, that Daniel handled them in a frivolous manner. Quite the opposite! Instead, he made interesting observations about recurring themes of betrayal and cyclical abuse that seem to run rampant in the Mikaelson family.

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What does Daniel Gillies really think of Elijah?


His disease is his unrelenting love for his brother. It’s like an abusive relationship with somebody that’s heavily addicted to drugs.

Fans know him as the nobler Original brother but Kiwi actor Daniel Gillies has a controversial opinion on his character Elijah.

"He seems like the better/more noble brother but he's not that way to me at all," Daniel explains. "I don't know how he can truly say he honours his family when he's got two of his brother sitting in coffins."

In our exclusive interview, Daniel Gillies also gets real about Elijah’s relationship to his brother Klaus, comparing it to an abusive relationship.

“His [Elijah’s] disease is his unrelenting love for his brother. It's like an abusive relationship with somebody that’s heavily addicted to drugs.” 

Daniel also reveals that if he could play any other character on the show he’d choose teen with Davina! Find out why and what Daniel misses most about New Zealand.

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Daniel Gillies Interviews TV Fanatic at Vampire Diaries 100th Episode Celebration

TV Fanatic

Daniel Gillies turned the interviewing tables on TV Fanatic last week.

With our very own Miranda Wicker on the red carpet to chat up past and present Vampire Diaries stars at party in celebration of the show's 100th episode, the beloved actor behind Elijah Mikaelson said he was tired of answering questions.

But he had a few of his own!

So Gillies grabbed the microphone, asked for Miranda's favorite Elijah moment, talked about an especially "child molest-y" scene from The Originals Season 1 Episode 5 and then planted a kiss on the reporter's cheek.

All in a life-altering day's work, really. Watch the hilarious exchange now:..

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