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‘The Originals’ Daniel Gillies: Elijah won’t be able to cage Klaus’ fury

Interview by Zap2It

Though the holidays left the Mikaelsons close — and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) on the verge of happiness — that was never going to last. When last fans saw the final moments of the midseason finale of “The Originals,” Elijah (Daniel Gillies) was putting a dagger through Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) chest, while Klaus was waking up to find Cami’s (Leah Pipes) throat sliced open.

With all of that haunting them, the Mikaelsons are off to a tumultuous start to the new year and, according to Gillies, things are only going south from here. The actor spoke to Zap2it about the family’s struggles to retain their “kingdom,” Elijah trying to maintain some traces of his humanity and whether Klaus’ fury can be controlled after finding the love of his life dead.

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Daniel Gillies Talks The Originals, Elijah's Story Arc and More!

Video interviews by TV Fanatic from on the set of The Originals with Daniel!

TV Fanatic

Daniel Gillies, ever the charmer, recently sat down with a group of reporters on set in Atlanta to discuss The Originals Season 3. Now that Elijah knows the secrets hidden behind the red door, he's coming into his own again as a character and stepping out of Klaus' shadow.

With his own motivations and thoughts about how to protect the Mikaelson family, there's a greater than average chance that the rift between Elijah and his brother will only get deeper before they build a bridge.

How does Gillies feel about the direction his character is headed on The Originals Season 3? And what does he believe Elijah would do if Hayley were suddenly on the market? Take a look at our gallery of Gillies for the scoop!

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The Originals: Hilarious 'Mom' Tips

By Entertainment Weekly

After more than a thousand years of existence, the Mikalesons are prepared for just about anything … other than parenthood. Let’s be real: Their parents weren’t exactly the type of people you’d want them to emulate. And yet, thanks to a one-night stand between Klaus and Hayley, they’ve found themselves smack in the middle of raising a child. Thankfully, Hayley’s there to help, but even she didn’t grow up with the best parental figures in her life. In other words, we’re lucky Hope is so resilient. 

Daniel Gillies, The Original Man by Ferrvor Mag.

Ferrvor Mag has blown us all away with some amazing images of Daniel by John Arsenault.  Visit Ferrvor Mag to read their amazing interview.  Yes there is an interview, if you can tear yourself away from the beautiful images!

Ferrvor Magazine

Winnipeg, Canada born actor Daniel Gillies is probably best known for his roles on CWs hit shows, The Vampire Diaries and it’s spinoff, The Originals, playing charming vampire, Elijah Mikaelson. He also had a key role in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as Peter Parker’s romantic rival, battling for Mary Jane’s love.

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