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'The Originals' Season 2 finale: Daniel Gillies recognizes the Mikaelsons' 'end of days'


As "The Originals" reaches its Season 2 finale, it seems there may finally be a way to stop Dahlia (Claudia Black) from taking baby Hope and unleashing a horrible evil on the world. It's just not going to be easy.
After leaving a trail of blood and devastation, Niklaus (Joseph Morgan) has a plan that involves his Mikaelson siblings -- Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt) -- but can they actually trust him?
Zap2it spoke with Gillies about that very question and more, including what he refers to as the "end of days" for the Mikaelsons and whether there is any hope to save them in the end.

There’s a devastation that’s always lingering around them and they can’t get through it without annihilating one another.
— Daniel Gillies

Zap2it: At the end of the season it looks like the Mikaelsons are coming together, but that may nor even be fully possible. While Klaus claims to have a plan to kill Dahlia, he's shown time and again to the family that he can't exactly be trusted. Going into this last episode, what can you tease for this showdown?

Daniel Gillies: It's funny, you just said something really interesting. You think [the Mikaelsons] are coming together but you don't. They're sort of doomed, this family. The closer they come to one another, the more destructive energy there is around each other. [It's] like when you play with two magnets and they just sort of repulse at the last moment. They desire to be together but then they sort of push one another away.

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'The Originals': Daniel Gillies on Klaus' Gia Betrayal

Access Hollywood

The Mikaelson brothers need each other to fight Dahlia in "The Originals," but heading into the Season 2 finale, their bonds are on shaky ground.

Klaus has done many horrible things in the name of protecting Hope, but in last week's penultimate  Season 2 episode, as he appeared (pretended) to be on Dahlia's side, he compelled Elijah's girlfriend Gia to take off her daylight ring. As Klaus held his brother down, Gia died a fiery death in front of Elijah's eyes. It was a brutal act that begs the question -- can Elijah ever forgive Klaus?

"The answer is with great difficulty, I think," Daniel Gillies, who plays Elijah, told Access Hollywood. "This is a terrible thing. This is a terrible injustice."

Daniel describes what Klaus did as, "sort of losing the battle to win the war from Klaus' perspective."

"He's ultimately just sort of playing chess with everybody, including his most beloved," Daniel added.

Klaus may be able to justify Gia's death (presumaby it was part of his plan to win Dahlia's trust), but to everyone else, it was an inexplicable act.

"It's like, 'Really?... You really had to? … Of all of the things you had to do, this was your master plan? … You couldn't have not sacrificed her?' One could argue, 'Well, it had to look authentic, so it had to look like real betrayal and I'm like, 'OK, but there just must have been any number of ways to destroy Dahlia that weren't that,'" Daniel said.

Gia's death will have major consequences on the bonds between the immortals.

"When I saw that, I was like, 'Well, that's it, man. They've just sort of severed one of the last remaining ties between the brothers,'" Daniel said.

Although there is so much intense drama on screen, behind the scenes of Season 2 there was a little music.

When Charles Michael Davis (Marcel) stopped by Access Hollywood earlier this month, he revealed that he and his co-stars -- Daniel and Joseph Morgan (Klaus) -- had a little fun one day, as they jumped on some instruments (Daniel on vocals) and worked out how to perform pop ballad "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. So Access had to ask Daniel about that.

"We decided that we would create a band," Daniel said. "Within the minutes we decided we were going to sing Enrique Iglesias. It was just sort of one poor decision after another, to be honest. It sounds like the pursuit of several drunk people. I'm amazed we weren't," Daniel said.

"I don't know if it's a product of some boredom, I guess, and also the fact that... Charles is kind of a splendid musician, Joe is just starting out with guitar and I definitely can't sing, so I don't know what we were dreaming of," Daniel laughed. "The name of our quote/unquote band is The Necessary Evil, which we thought was really funny. ... We enjoyed it. That's all I'm going to say," he said.

"The Originals" Season 2 finale airs Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

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The Originals: Daniel Gillies previews a 'Shakespearean apocalypse'

Entertainment Weekly

I don’t think it’s redemption they’re seeking; I think that they need to be at peace with the fact that that’s what they are, and then continue.
— Daniel Gillies

When we first met Elijah Mikaelson on The Vampire Diaries, he was looking for a way to kill his brother, the infamous NiKlaus Mikaelson. And he came very close to doing just that. But at the last second, with the promise of a family reunion, Elijah decided to let his brother live.

Jump forward to The Originals, and we learn that this brotherhood has been filled with a lifelong pattern of betrayal, forgiveness, and more generally, family loyalty. But when Klaus killed Gia in front of Eiljah in season 2’s penultimate episode, it’s possible he finally took things one step too far. 

“There’s got to be a point at which the writers have to acknowledge the compound interest of all of these offenses. They need to mean something. I think that that’s the place that we’re approaching,” Daniel Gillies said. “I honestly think that we’re getting to a point where it is unforgivable. I would like to see him not get past it. My girlfriend can’t quite literally go up in flames in front of me, and then [Elijah and Klaus] resume the relationship.”

That being said, Elijah doesn’t exactly have time to cut his brother out of his life right now. With Dahlia’s attack on the horizon, Elijah will be forced to work with Klaus one last time. “Gia was just sort of a casualty thrown under the bus in the name of Klaus’ smoke and mirrors, but I think in order to defeat Dahlia, he’s going to have to relinquish whatever feelings he has towards that treachery and just move forward, because Dahlia is certainly an enormous threat to them all.” 

Daniel Gillies Teases The Originals Finale - Exclusive by Alloy Entertainment

Alloy Entertainment

Ever since its inception as a Vampire Diaries backdoor pilot, The Originals has remained a story about the trials and tribulations of an immortal family trying to build a home in New Orleans. These Viking siblings — plagued by centuries of secrets, betrayals, and destructive power plays — have experienced more their fair share of pain, and their constant “bickering” makes the Battle of Hogwarts seem tame by comparison. But the beauty of their relationship is that, despite their personal transgressions and grievances, the Mikaelsons — adhering to their eternal promise of “Always and Forever” — let bygones be bygones in order to heal and move forth.

Are you familiar with mathematics? Their entire saga is like the course of parabolas.
— Daniel Gillies

On that note, can they ever forgive Klaus for the damage and grief he inflicted upon them in episode 2×21, “Fire with Fire”? Not only did he kill Gia and attack Cami, but he also reactivated Hayley’s Crescent curse and basically pressured Rebekah into sacrificing her human body to return to her much more lethal one. True, his dastardly deeds were all part of a ruse to gain aunt Dahlia’s trust and protect his daughter, Baby Hope — but where does one draw the line? This is certainly the question Elijah will find himself struggling with in The Originals Season 2 finale. Hopeful for his brother’s redemption, Elijah has stood by Klaus’s side through thick and thin — even when he daggered him, even when he disagreed with his actions. Sometimes though, even honorable and loyal men need to break rank, and it seems Elijah has reached his boiling point.

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