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The Originals Interview: TVLine Studio Presented by ZTE. Comic-Con 2016 by TVLine

               Check out TV Line's article here

               Check out TV Line's article here

Andy Swift from TVLine talks to 'The Originals' cast at San Diego Comic Con, 2016.


The CW drama’s cast, along with executive producer Julie Plec, stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite (presented by ZTE) to preview what’s to come after the impending five-year time jump. 

THE ORIGINALS Scoop Straight from the Set: Interviews with Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Phoebe Tonkin

Check out this wonderful video interview with Daniel Gillies while on set of The Originals.  Also included is video interviews from Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin.


In a world of vampires, werewolves, witches and hybrids, the stakes are always incredibly high on THE ORIGINALS.  Fortunately, for the vampires on the show, wooden stakes are generally more of just a nuisance and not the end of their existence.  But that doesn’t mean that vampires are immune to death.  In fact, for the Mikaelsons, death is circling closer than ever before.  A seer has foreseen their demise and has there is a prophecy that the Mikaelsons and all their vampire progeny will die as the result of an unholy trinity: a betrayal by friend, family and foe.  Alas, the seer was killed before further details as to who might betray them and how that is even possible.  But with death looming on the horizon a Sire War has begun as the First Generation of vampires have flocked to New Orleans to protect their individual sire lines from eminent demise.  Interesting, the First Generation seems to have struck up an uneasy alliance amongst themselves and have perhaps concocted a nefarious plan to imprison their sires to preserve an entire race of vampires.



Klaus and Elijah have stood by each other’s side for over a thousand years, but one betrayal might rip these brothers apart for good on The Originals. And while on set this week, we got some gripping details from the brothers Mikaelson on what the future holds for them.

Last week’s jaw-dropping episode revealed that Elijah actually discovered how to compel other vampires accidentally—by getting Klaus’ love, Aurora, to confess Klaus’ secret shame of killing the Mikaelson’s mother Esther and blaming it on their father Mikael. When Elijah learned of that betrayal, he turned around and got his revenge immediately by compelling Aurora to break Klaus’ heart.

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The Originals: Hilarious 'Mom' Tips

By Entertainment Weekly

After more than a thousand years of existence, the Mikalesons are prepared for just about anything … other than parenthood. Let’s be real: Their parents weren’t exactly the type of people you’d want them to emulate. And yet, thanks to a one-night stand between Klaus and Hayley, they’ve found themselves smack in the middle of raising a child. Thankfully, Hayley’s there to help, but even she didn’t grow up with the best parental figures in her life. In other words, we’re lucky Hope is so resilient.